The 7 Doctors / The 7 Natural Physicians

Heal Yourself

Teach the kids to consult on these Seven Doctors: Dr. Sleep, Dr. Breath, Dr. Drink, Dr. Food, Dr. Sun, Dr. Move, and Dr. Green.

Here’s a short skit/story for kids to understand:

(Since children are very visual, you can make image props for the 7 Doctors)

You can also ask one of the students to act as the kid on the story.

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Parable of the Hidden Treasure

God’s kingdom is like a treasure hidden in a field for years and then accidentally found by a trespasser. The finder is ecstatic—what a find! —and proceeds to sell everything he owns to raise money and buy that field.”- Matthew 13:44


Narrator: One day, there’s this hidden treasure in a big, big field. The field is a vast ground with some grass and stones. In that field, there is also a man who was just walking. A little later, he stumbled and fell on the ground! He was surprised of what he saw. It was the hidden treasure after all! The man was so happy that he sells everything he owns so he could have enough money to buy that field.

* Pause *

Q&A portion

  • Let the children guess what did the man find in that field
  • What do they think of the treasure?

Explain that in the Bible, the field is actually like the Kingdom of God. That the man did not really found a box like that of a treasure chest. But it was Jesus. Jesus is the treasure.

Connect story to the lesson of Jar of Life. By Putting God first, we should also seek him in everything. Follow Jesus. Be like Jesus. See Jesus in others. How? By focusing on the treasure not on the field.

  • See Jesus in your family – Mommy/ Daddy/ Siblings
  • See Jesus in your school – Teacher/ Classmate/ Guard/ Janitor/ Nurse
  • See Jesus in happy times but also in sad times. Sometimes you don’t get what you want but Jesus has something better for you! So, pray more. Because, when we put God first, remember that everything else will fit right.


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If We Love Everyday, Our Love Compounds Daily

Obey the LORD, and you will live longer. The wicked die before their time.

(Proverbs 10:27 GNT)


Story Telling

Below are two stories about the consequences of doing good constantly.
(You can make visuals/pictures to show the children while telling the story)

Download the stories here:


  • Who were the characters in the story?
  • How did they show goodness to other people?
  • Did they stop being good or doing goodness to others? (No)
  • Why do we do things that are good? (To please God, because it is right, to make others happy)
  • Do we need to do good things everyday? (Yes, we must also follow God everyday)
  • Enumerate some good deeds: Do household chores (e.g. helps in preparing the table for meal), fix the toys after playing, play and take care of younger siblings..
  • Or enumerate some good attitudes: Generous, helpful, honest, respectful, kind, disciplined..
  • What are the consequences of being good? (We can influence others on how to live a good life and learn from how we treat them. People will trust us, help us, respect us..)
  • We are commanded to be lights in this world so that we can bring/lead others to Jesus, to be a good example. (Matthew 5:16 “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”). If people knew us by our bad attitudes/actions, they will have difficulty in seeing Jesus on us and how great He is.
  • As we continue to be a good child as we grow older, we will be like Jesus and become the light for others.
|The stories above are not mine, I don’t know the source but if you know you can tell me and I can give credit|

The Starfish Story


One morning, a man went for a walk on the beach.

In the distance, he saw a small boy throwing something into the sea, over and over again.

As the man got nearer the boy, he couldn’t figure out what he was doing.

“Good morning” the man said to the boy. “Morning” the boy replied.

As the boy threw a starfish that he was holding into the sea, the man asked “What are you doing?”

“These starfish are stranded on the sand after the high tide. I am throwing them back into the sea.” The boy


“Why are you doing that? There are thousands of starfish and thousands of beaches; you aren’t going to

make a difference….”

“Hmmnnn..” the boy thought. He picked up another starfish, threw it into the sea and said to the man “We’’,

I made a difference to that one!”

Lost for words, the man walked away. And the boy continued throwing starfish back to the sea…

But as he walked away, the man thought, “Hmmnn..”, maybe this little boy is right…

And the man bent down, and picked up a starfish…

And surprised himself by throwing it back into the sea…

The boy saw this and said “ I thought you disagreed with me?”

“You have a point” the man said, “You were making a difference.”

“Find together” he said, “with a few more, we can all make an even bigger difference.”


After the story telling, a teacher will talk about “be inspired and inspire”.

How does one inspire others? We are inspired and can inspire through our words and actions. In the story of the starfish, it represents some ways to inspire people.

Be a good example. People watch what you do more than they listen to what you say. Be someone worth emulating. Like the boy in the story, he did what he knows is right and good and does not easily give up even if other people does not approved with him.

Care about others. People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care. The man saw how the boy really cared for the starfishes well being.

Encouragement. Everyone goes through tough times. When you support people and encourage them through these times, you’ll be inspiring them to see the best in themselves and in the situation. The man was encouraged by the words of the boy.

Be inspired yourself. Look for people, ideas, environments and knowledge that you find inspiring and motivating. Since the man was touched by the boy’s goodness and care to the starfish, he himself was inspired to do the same.

Teach Kids To Be A Good Listener

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother”—this is the first commandment with a promise: “so that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.”

Ephesians 6:1-3


Story telling for kids on how properly the two boys in the story listens to their mother.

Story/script can be download here: Chris and Peter Story


Story targets to listening to different sounds and listening to parents. Listening and acting out different sounds makes them adept to their hearing senses. While a very particular lesson to be learned in here is listening in terms of listening to our parents/ guardians so we can have a fruitful life

Related Games

■ Name That Sound

Have your child close their eyes or use a blindfold. Make a variety of noises around the house and have the child identify what the noise is. Examples include: closing a window, dropping a book, knocking on a door, turning on a light, or opening a drawer.

■ Play “Simon Says” – (will be replaced by Jesus Says) This classic game is wonderful for teaching children to listen carefully. Explain that they should only do the action if they hear “Simon Says” beforehand. Example: If they hear “Stand on one foot”, they shouldn’t do the action, but if they hear “Simon Says stand on one foot”, they should do it.

| The stories and scripts posted in this website are made by my fellow friends I served with in the kids ministry |

Why We Pray to Mary

Lesson and sample story to tell kids on..

Why do we pray to Mary?

We pray to Mary because she is the Mother of Jesus. Jesus loves His mother very much, and Mama Mary loves Jesus very much as well. Jesus was a good son and He always listened to His mother when He was still a small child like you. When Jesus grew up, He helped many people. He healed many people from sickness; He taught them how to be good and how to do good things to one another. Jesus had a mission, and His mission was to save everyone from sin. And He has someone to help Him… His mother, Mama Mary.

And when we pray to Mama Mary, do you know what she does? She goes to Jesus, she talks and prays to Him as well. Mama Mary is also praying with you.

Here’s a story…

One sunny day, there was a kid named Paolo. Paolo had a friend and his name was Jeffrey. Jeffrey and Paolo were best friends. They would borrow toys from each other, play together, go to school together. They shared their baon with each other, and most of all they prayed together. Paolo and Jeffrey were like brothers.

“Dear God, please take care of Jeffrey and make him always happy and healthy so that we can play and do stuff together. Take care of him because he is my best friend in the whole world. Amen,” prayed Paolo.

Then Jeffrey prayed to God, “Dear Lord, Paolo is like a brother to me, he is kind and loving and he always lends me his toys. He is friendly. I also share with him my food when we’re in school and my other toys. Please take good care of him Lord. Amen.”

One day, Paolo got angry at Jeffrey, because Jeffrey lost Paolo’s favourite robot toy, Bumblebee. Paolo was very angry at Jeffrey. He didn’t want to talk to Jeffrey anymore. Jeffrey said sorry, but Paolo just went inside the house and closed the door. Jeffrey was left outside, so Jeffrey just went home. He was thinking of a way how to say sorry to Paolo.

The next day, Jeffrey had an idea. Jeffrey went out of his house, closed the door behind him as he ran and rushed towards Paolo’s house. When Jeffrey was in front of Paolo’s house, he saw Paolo’s mother.

Jeffrey took a deep breath and marched towards the garden and talked to Paolo’s mother.

“Hi ma’am,” said Jeffrey, “is Paolo home?” “Hello Jeffrey! Good morning,” replied Paolo’s mother, “Yes, Paolo is inside watching T.V. Why aren’t you two together playing this morning? Did you two have a fight?” asked Paolo’s mother.

Jeffrey was nervous but he said, “Yes, he got angry at me because I lost his favourite toy. Could you please talk to him and say that I’m really sorry? And that I want us to be friends again.”

“Why sure Jeffrey! I’ll talk to him this instant. Paolo always listens to what I say to him,” said Paolo’s mother. “You wait here for a moment,” added Paolo’s mother.

After a while, Paolo went out of the house with his mother. And Paolo went straight to Jeffrey and said, “I’m sorry too, Jeffrey. I know you didn’t do it on purpose. I was just angry because it was my favourite toy, but I’m not angry anymore because you’re my best friend in the whole world.”

Then Jeffrey thanked Paolo’s mother for talking to Paolo. Paolo and Jeffrey were friends again with each other and they were friends until they grew old.

Coloring Page Activity Mary

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