Coloring Activity for the 7 Doctors/ 7 Natural Physicians

After introducing the The 7 Natural Physicians here’s a coloring activity for them.

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Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul. (3 John 1:2)


The 7 Doctors / The 7 Natural Physicians

Heal Yourself

Teach the kids to consult on these Seven Doctors: Dr. Sleep, Dr. Breath, Dr. Drink, Dr. Food, Dr. Sun, Dr. Move, and Dr. Green.

Here’s a short skit/story for kids to understand:

(Since children are very visual, you can make image props for the 7 Doctors)

You can also ask one of the students to act as the kid on the story.

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In the mind of St. Francis, Jesus was someone you imitate, not just someone you worship

Show me how anyone can have faith without actions. I will show you my faith by my actions.  (James 2:20 )

A Day in the Life of St. Francis


Have a discussion on who St. Francis of Assisi is and how he showed his love for people and other creations as well. One of the more popular saints, St. Francis, gave us an example of what loving Jesus is like. He not only preached about Jesus, he also encouraged his “brothers” to take care and love the less fortunate and those who have less in life. He taught us to love Jesus by doing and setting a good example for others to follow.

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Be Humble (Part 2)

Compare and Contrast Pride and Humility

(by drawing some body parts of a person)

human outline

  1. Tell the kids that you’re going to introduce them to two persons.  Draw two large stick figures side by side.  Say:  Meet Proud Name of a person and Humble Name of a person
  2. As you draw the eyes on each, tell that Proud person only likes to look at himself.  Occasionally he sees other people, but when he does, it’s only to see their mistakes, weaknesses, and failures.  Humble person sees God first and then others.  He knows that people matter to God, so he treats them with dignity, worth, and respect.
  3. As you draw the mouths, tell that Proud person brags about himself constantly.  He’s always telling us about his good grades, he’s good in sports/video games, how he is the most popular student and so very cute.  He complains about other people and talks about them behind their backs.  Humble person is often talking about how awesome God is.  He also is known to brag about others.  Like, “Did you see her art project?  It’s amazing!  I can’t believe that person can draw like t What a gift!”  Humble person uses his words to encourage everyone!
  4. As you draw the ears, tell that Proud person hates to be told what to do.  He doesn’t like to hear that he is wrong about anything, so he starts fights when he is corrected.  Humble person realizes that sometimes he makes mistakes, so he hears people out and he apologizes for sin.
  5. As you draw the hands, put a boxing glove on Proud person’s hand.  Tell the kids that he is always causing fights because he never gets what he wants.  Humble person should have a balloon, a flower, or any other treat in his hand.  Humble person honors other people above himself and is peaceable and considerate.  He makes people happy.
  6. As you draw the feet, say that Proud person often stomps his foot angrily.  He demands his own way.  He thinks he deserves to be s In contrast, Humble person is always walking towards needs of others.  He helps people without being asked.
  7. As you draw little stick figures surrounding each of them (to represent their friends, family, classmates, teachers, etc.), ask the kids whether they think that Proud person gets along with anyone?  What about Humble person?
  8. As the kids answer, start scribbling out Proud person’s relationships.  Get rid of these people completely by crossing them out.  Tell them that Pride is a source of destruction.  It destroys everything – friendships, relationships, even yourself.  Pride ends up all alone.  In contrast, add more stick figures to Humble person’s group.  Humility builds relationships because people feel loved and valued. Humble person keeps getting blessed by God over and over!

When we boast about what we have, or look down on someone who is less fortunate, we are telling God that He is not important, and that we think we can do things on our own. This is so far from the truth. All good things come from God, by ourselves we are nothing. Therefore, we must live a humble life before God, and admit that without Him we are lost. To avoid being proud, we must acknowledge and thank Him for all He has given us. When we do this, God will exalt us. Remember that God knows what is in our hearts.


  1. When you line up for an activity, do you wish you could be first in line?
  2. What advice do you think Jesus would give to a child who always pushes to get to the front of the line? …who often talks about being the best at sports/drawing/reading etc.? … to a child who complains about helping out with picking up someone else’s toys/dishes/clothes?
  3. Ask other ways on how to be humble: Apologize when you have faults/mistakes. Be grateful for what you have. Avoid bragging about oneself. Recognize others who have helped you, give them credit as well, appreciate them. Respect/help others. Accept other for who they are without judging, criticizing and gossiping about them.

Parable of the Hidden Treasure

God’s kingdom is like a treasure hidden in a field for years and then accidentally found by a trespasser. The finder is ecstatic—what a find! —and proceeds to sell everything he owns to raise money and buy that field.”- Matthew 13:44


Narrator: One day, there’s this hidden treasure in a big, big field. The field is a vast ground with some grass and stones. In that field, there is also a man who was just walking. A little later, he stumbled and fell on the ground! He was surprised of what he saw. It was the hidden treasure after all! The man was so happy that he sells everything he owns so he could have enough money to buy that field.

* Pause *

Q&A portion

  • Let the children guess what did the man find in that field
  • What do they think of the treasure?

Explain that in the Bible, the field is actually like the Kingdom of God. That the man did not really found a box like that of a treasure chest. But it was Jesus. Jesus is the treasure.

Connect story to the lesson of Jar of Life. By Putting God first, we should also seek him in everything. Follow Jesus. Be like Jesus. See Jesus in others. How? By focusing on the treasure not on the field.

  • See Jesus in your family – Mommy/ Daddy/ Siblings
  • See Jesus in your school – Teacher/ Classmate/ Guard/ Janitor/ Nurse
  • See Jesus in happy times but also in sad times. Sometimes you don’t get what you want but Jesus has something better for you! So, pray more. Because, when we put God first, remember that everything else will fit right.


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“Jar of Life” (Putting God First)

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. – Matthew 6:33”


Explain to kids that we will be like scientists experimenting on something. Our goal is to fit all the things (present props) inside one jar.

Let the kids (1 or 2 volunteers) try out (or point out what to put first) and execute transferring; assist if needed.

Then, demonstrate how to put all things inside the jar after trying.

Begin with the biggest. Next, medium. And last is the smallest.

– Explain the representation of each prop.

  • Jar – Life/ You
  • Big props – God
  • Medium props – Family/ Friends/ Dreams
  • Small props – others/ wants

Emphasize on :

  1. “If we put the BIG things first, everything else will fit right.” Who should we put first? GOD.
  2.  When we put GOD (or the big things) first, we will still be full or WHOLE. In that sense, whether or not we have the small things, we will still BE WHOLE, because we have GOD.

*Other props needed:

  •  Jars
  •  Candies/ Chocolates (Large, Medium, Small-sized)
  • Big spoon
  • Lab gown (as costume)
  • Lab goggles


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